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Stuffed Animals

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  1. Maileg Princess Little Sister, Mouse in Matchbox
  2. Tooth Fairy Mouse, Rose
  3. Abri a tricycle, Mouse Coral
  4. Abri a tricycle, Mouse Ocher
  5. Abri a Tricycle, Mouse Petrol Blue
  6. Beach mice, Surfer little brother
  7. Bunny size 3, Dusty Yellow
  8. Happy Camper Tent, Mouse
  9. Medium Hippo, Check
  10. Rubber Boat, Dusty Yellow
  11. Medium Giraffe
  12. Maileg Sailor Rabbit, Size 4
  13. Surfer Little Sister
  14. Tricycle Mouse, Big Sister - Old Rose
  15. Tricycle Mouse, Big Sister - Red