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  1. Winter Mouse Ski Set, Big Brother
  2. Big Sister Mouse in Box
  3. Winter Mice Twins, Little Brother and Little Sister
  4. Maileg Maxi Mouse in Pyjamas
  5. Maileg Maxi Mouse in Nightgown
  6. Safari Friends, Big Elephant by Maileg
  7. Carry Cot for Baby Mouse
  8. Winter Mouse Ski Set, Big Sister
  9. Winter Mouse Ski Set, Dad
  10. Winter Mouse Ski Set, Mum
  11. Little Leo Wooden Lion Vehicle Toy
  12. Fun City Vehicles
  13. Ballerina mouse, Little Sister - Light Mint
  14. Ballerina Mouse, Big Sister Heather
  15. Kitchen Mouse, Dark Green
  16. Maileg Ski and Ski Poles, Mum & Dad mouse
  17. Maileg Sled