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  1. Erik Bendy Doll by HABA
  2. Cooking Set Pasta Time by HABA
  3. Little Friends Monkey by HABA
  4. Terra Kids Flashlight by HABA
  5. Tractor Silicone Teether by HABA
  6. Rainbow Fabric Ball by HABA
  7. Little Friends Tiger by HABA
  8. My Very First Puzzle-Farm by HABA
  9. Little Friends Baby Elephant by HABA
  10. Little Friends Tractor And Trailer by HABA
  11. Little Friends Ruby Rainbow Unicorn by HABA
  12. Little Friends Kiara Horse by HABA
  13. Kullerbu Tractor with Trailer by HABA
  14. Little Friends Donkey by HABA
  15. Little Friends Foal Abby by HABA
  16. Little Friends-Giraffe by HABA
  17. Little Friends White Lamb by HABA