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  1. Maileg Big Sister Ballerina Mouse
  2. Maileg Dancing Mouse in Daybed, Little Sister
  3. Maileg Gold Chair for Micro Mice
  4. Maileg Grey Elephant - Medium
  5. Maileg Kitten in Overalls, Grey
  6. Maileg Little Sister Ballerina Mouse
  7. Maileg Lullaby Friends - Bunny
  8. Maileg Lullaby Friends - Elephant
  9. Maileg Mini Bed Canopy - Rose
  10. Maileg My First Teddy, Powder by Maileg
  11. Maileg Pack of Chairs, Mouse
  12. Maileg Penguin
  13. Maileg Princess Little Sister, Mouse in Matchbox
  14. Maileg Princess Mouse, Big Sister
  15. Maileg Puoodle Plush
  16. Maileg Puppy Plush
  17. Maileg Sleepy Set, Medium - Girl
  18. Maileg Small Rhino, Blue Grey
  19. Meadow Reversible Bucket Hat
  20. Medium Giraffe
  21. Medium Hippo, Check
  22. Mini Pizzas by HABA
  23. Mini Roller by PLANToys
  24. Minimalist Bar Stud Earrings
  25. Minimalist Moon Stud Earrings
  26. Moonlight Earmuffs by Rockahula Kids