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  1. Little Friends Baby Elephant by HABA
  2. Little Friends Cassandra the Horse and Cleo the Foal by HABA
  3. Little Friends Crocodile by HABA
  4. Little Friends Donkey by HABA
  5. Little Friends Foal Abby by HABA
  6. Little Friends Kiara Horse by HABA
  7. Little Friends Leika the Bernese Mountain Dog by HABA
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  8. Little Friends Lion by HABA
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  9. Little Friends Monkey by HABA
  10. Little Friends Ruby Rainbow Unicorn by HABA
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  11. Little Friends Tiger by HABA
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  12. Little Friends Tractor And Trailer by HABA
  13. Little Friends White Lamb by HABA
  14. Little Friends-Giraffe by HABA
  15. Luna Snow Leopard Earmuffs by Rockahula Kids
  16. Maileg Big Sister Ballerina Mouse
  17. Maileg Christmas Mouse, Big Brother
  18. Maileg Dancing Mouse in Daybed, Little Sister
  19. Maileg Deer, Big Brother
  20. Maileg Deer, Father
  21. Maileg Deer, Mother
  22. Maileg Garland, House of Miniature
  23. Maileg Gold Chair for Micro Mice
  24. Maileg Grey Elephant - Medium
  25. Maileg Kitten in Overalls, Grey
  26. Maileg Little Sister Ballerina Mouse
  27. Maileg Lullaby Friends - Bunny
  28. Maileg Lullaby Friends - Elephant
  29. Maileg Mini Bed Canopy - Rose