Color-Me-Canvas, Song Birds

By Lil' Pyar


Meet Coco Cockatoo ~ a promising banjo-playing song bird!  Color your way throughout this fantastically fun print: from styling a pair of parakeet back-up singers to dressing up a pair of cowgirl boots!

This coloring activity is packed with all the uber-coolness a cockatoo needs to make it as the “ultimate song bird!”  And, best of all, when complete, this artistic piece can be enjoyed by hanging on a wall or placing on the floor as a mat!

Lil' Pyar's Color-Me-Canvas is a simple approach to coloring time!


Colors to Use: Crayons; Paints; Washable Markers; Fabric Markers

Dimensions: 20 x 12 inches

Fabric: Canvas

 ** This Lil' Pyar item is Made in the USA

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