Lil' Pyar Tej Baby Quilt, Lavender Butterflies; Reversible

By Lil' Pyar


Feel a lil' extra sense of Happiness with the flight of each little butterfly.  Hand-blocked butterflies glide across the  Lil' Pyar Tej Quilt. With a single flip, find a burst of colors streaming across Lil' Ones quilt spreading the beauty of COLOR!

Soar lil' butterfly! Soar!

Butterfly Print Color: Lavender

Dimensions: 35"W x 45"L

For Ages: lil' ones thru elementary (but really lasts forever!)

Fabric: 100% Cotton

Care: Wash in cold; Hang to Dry

Due to the handmade nature of each product, pieces may vary slightly and have slight imperfections.  These are elements that showcase the true beauty of truly being crafted-by-hand.

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